Our Story

Rosa and Michele after decades of tradition in the restaurant business, craft and passion run for three generations, in the year two thousand, after the happy event of the birth of twins, decided to buy and renovate a Lombard court of the 1700s in via Postporta. With a respectful conversion of the building they have obtained the 'Bed & Breakfast Postporta', the tavern-wine shop 'Il Mercanto' and their home. Thus began, in the center of Gallarate, in a cozy and romantic summer courtyard, our story that comes from deep love for our work, becoming a place of hospitality in all its forms.

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Our Project

A simple philosophy is behind the project 'Osteria Il mercantò': hospitality, family tradition, organic products, with a philological recovery of uses and settings for a careful and constant enhancement of the material culture of the Lombard region.